The Employees of GraphenOx LLC have extensive experience in scientific research in the field of carbon nanomaterials and are engaged in the commercialization of their developments in the field of graphene materials for various purposes. Our enterprise is oriented both to the Russian market and to the export of manufactured products, in view of the high demand for inexpensive and high-quality graphene materials in the EU countries, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region. We are ready to ensure the uninterrupted production of a wide range of quality graphene products (powders, pastes, suspensions, aerogels, membranes, conductive inks, etc.) to meet the needs of potential users (researchers and developers, both in the scientific and commercial areas) in inexpensive and high-quality graphene materials anywhere in the world.

 Also, the employees of the company conduct their own science research in order to create and implement new functional materials for applied purposes. The company should become the largest in Russia for the first 2 years. Some of the best young Russian specialists in the field of carbon nanomaterials are involved in the work. The in-depth marketing research of the Russian and world market of graphene materials was carried out, the own plan of manufacture and sales of ready graphene products were prepared and justified.

The employees of the GraphenOx LLC have extensive experience (more than 15 years) of science research work in the area of creation of carbon nanomaterials and composites. For the last 6 years, our team has been active in the field of creating new functional materials based on various forms of graphene. We published more than 20 scientific articles in leading Russian and international journals in the period from 2012 to 2016, as well as several patents for inventions. During the time of scientific activity the collective of our company participated as executors and heads in more than 20 scientific projects and grants (Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), Federal Targeted Program (FTP), Russian Science Foundation (RSF), etc.)


In 2020, our company entered into a cooperation agreement with the company DONGBANGSCIENCETECH Co, Ltd, located in Seoul, Republic of Korea. DONGBANGSCIENCETECH Co., Ltd is one of Korea's leading graphene platform companies. The main area of development is graphene batteries, solar cells with graphene, composite products (PVC, fibers, films, paints, building materials).

Contact information - E-mail: info@dongbangst.com,

Site: www.dongbangst.com


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The project is supported by the Innovation Promotion Fund (№2238ГС1/36985) 

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