The graphene nanopletelets (GNP) can be effective as nano-sized additives for new composite materials with improved thermal, electrical and mechanical characteristics. Also, GNP can be used in lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors as an anode material or as a current-conducting additive to cathode materials. As a conductive component in special coatings or glues, and also as a component of conductive ink, etc.


Price 8 $/g for 1-100g ordering quantity, 4 $/g for order above 100g in terms of dry product

Graphene nanopletlets GNP350


    Download datasheet of the graphene oxide (dispersion  in water)

    Download datasheet of the reduced graphene oxide (high porosity) 

    Download datasheet of the reduced graphene oxide (nanoporosity) 

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    The project is supported by the Innovation Promotion Fund (№2238ГС1/36985) 

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