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Super-hydrophobic sorbent for environmental cleaning

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The sorbent is an airgel based on reduced graphene oxide and a fluorine-containing polymer. It can be made in any form at the discretion of the customer (granules or products of a given shape and size).

Hidrophilic airgel

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Superhydrophobic airgel


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Sorbent microstructure

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Sorption properties

The obtained superhydrophobic sorbent in the form of granules has a high sorption activity and sorption capacity in relation to a large number of organic solvents, as well as oil and oil products. The test results of the sorbent sample are presented in the table. It can be seen that the sorbent is able to absorb from 15 to 23 times its own weight. Also, the sorbent can be used in some cases repeatedly. In the sorption-desorption mode, the sorbent can withstand at least 10 cycles, as shown by the impregnation with hexane (see diagram below).

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The contact wetting angle of the sorbent exceeds 169 °. For superhydrophobic materials, the CWA should be above 150 °

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Granular form of sorbent

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Sorbent can be made in granular form. Material in this form represents spheres or hemispheres with a diameter of 4-6 mm. This form can be convenient for mass use for environmental purposes during emergency spills of oil, oil products and organic solvents both on land and in water bodies.
Also, granules can be reused after burning out a solvent or other sorbate.

Initial sorbent granules impregnated with IPA

сорбент 13.png

Solvent burning

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Sorbent granules after solvent burning

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